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's why you will see governor that obama is going to raise questions about romney next week because it is very hard if not impossible for him to get 50 percent. he has to discourage the undecided from voting for romney. that is a win for the president if they stay home. he will need tv effort and plus trying to persuade the undecided not to support romney. >> and governor, may i just add the states are significant for another reason. we look through the 2008 pris'm. in the states that we mentioned. obama carried wisconsin, iowa and new hampshire and ohio, certainly . but two short years later. a republican one state wide seat and in the case of wisconsin twov them and in the case of new hampshire. and so super seeding intervening factor is the 2010 election and model the turn out with a hybrid of 2008 and 10 where the issues are the same as in 2010; you are on to something you copele that with the president is looking less look a president and more like a politician . he doesn't want to talk about benghazi but binders and bimper. that is making the undecided vote to break for the ch
it. up next right here. >> you can take a look. >> governor romney. you did not say you would prived -- >>> and a lot of americans googngo see who write >> how it could have sached xpayers billions, coming up next . oohooooooooooooo track it on the website at >> autobail out a popular google term. >> these companies need to go through a managed bankruptcy and they can get government help. but they have to get rid of excess cost and the debt burden they built up. >> governor romney. >> we did look that up and governor romney is right. the federal government should provide guarantees for post bankruptcy financing . car buyers, their cars are not at risk. the fedal commurt will help rather than seal it with a bail out check. so he said in 2008 in the new york timings. you say mitt romney's right and his plan would have sached billions of dollars. >> he's broadly right. this is just bailout of obama was theft. it was taking money from creditors and giving it to the hands of union. the idea that a company goes bankrupt and disappear is a fiction that the obama administration
, florida in the next hour and crowd of supporters are awaiting remarks from governor mitt romney and crucial battleground state of ohio. we'll bring you that live. first, let's check in political kosh dented carl cameron. she streaming live -- let's check in with carl cameron. >> live in i-75 having left where the event was a little while ago. we are en route where we'll have second of three events in ohio today. all of which were impromptu as mitt romney had cancelled his schedule in virginia and come here and campaign in the buckeye state with his running mate. in salina, second day in a row he aggressively courted moderate independent swing voters, new rhetoric from him. it came in right on the border of indiana in a very republican party of ohio. what he is trying to do is energize the republican base but courted the moderate swing voters. listen. >> i know there is good democrats that love america just like we do. i want to reach across the aisle to them, work together, put the interests of the people ahead of the politicians. we've got to do this. it's too critical a time.
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to the realization he's not the man for the job to lead us for the next four years and that mitt romney is. >> gideon moore is the chairman of the mecklenburg county republican party and has been talking to us on the phone from charlotte, north carolina, as part of our battleground 2012 series today. we've been looking at north carolina. gideon moore, thank you very much for being on the program. >> thank you. >> tomorrow on "washington journal," george mason university professor michael mcdonald looks at the early voting under way in several states. then we will take a look at the battleground state of pennsylvania with terry mcdonagh, director of the franklin and marshall center for politics and public affairs. state republican party gleason and democrat, chairman of the montgomery county board of commissioners. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> good afternoon, everybody. complex storm and complex geographical area covered. i will get the experts tell you about the storm. what fema is doing in con juncture with our state and local partners is preparing for not only coasta
to the realization he's not the man to lead us for the next four years and mitt romney is. host: we have been talking to the chairman of the republican party in mecklenburg as part of our battleground 2012 series. we've been looking at north carolina today. thank you for being on the program. >> form ch tomorrow on "washington journal" we look at the early voting in several states. then we'll take a look at pennsylvania. . "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern live on c-span. >> good afternoon everybody. complex storm and complex geographical area to cover and i'm going to let the experts tell you about the storm. what fema is doing is preparing for the coastle impacts of this storm and preparing for power outages and winter storm. and if you think about winter storm with a hur cane is unusual, trust me we're going to be dealing with a lot of weather over a large area. that's why we're urging the area to prepare for a variety of hazards and we're encouraging them to take the time to get a plan. we have teams in place or have moved, in some cases we are still recovering from prior decasters and th
, many people will not have it on next tuesday during election day. >> chris: now, the campaign. with preent obama and governor romney headed into the final week, we want to track where the race stands with senators from four key swing states. republican rob portman of ohio, who played president romney in the debate represent and 18 electoral votes are in play en a state obama won in '08, by 4.6 points and now leads 2.3 points in the latest real clear politics average of recent polls and republican ron johnson of wisconsin, 10 electoral votes at stake and obama won by almost 14 points, last time, and, is now leading by 2.3. and democrat mark wa of virginia, obama won its 13 electoral votes by 6 points, four years ago and now is tied with romney. and, democrat mark udall of colorado, obama won the 9 electoral votes last time by nine points and the race there is now dead even. senator portman, let's start with the state i guess most people think may decide the race, that is ohio. the obama camp says they have the big edge in early voting in your state and also note that they have
in seven million new jobs the next 10 years. that is the choice. in ohio, they are choosing mitt romney and that is where the enthusiasm is. >>chris: one of you talked about the issue of women and the two campaigns have been battling for months overwhelm and the polls seem to indicate that, in fact, romney has succeeded to at least some degree depending on the poll in closing the scene december gap for women preferring obama over him. this week, indiana republican senate candidate talked about having no exceptions at all in the case of abortion. take a look. >> life is a gift from god. even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it is something that god intended to happen. >>chris: senator johnson, mitt romney disavowed the comments and he has tried to walk them back but it brings up the bigger question, why should a woman who believes freedom of choice when it comes to abortion, why should she vote for mitt romney who said he would like to see roe vs. wade overturned and wants to cut off funding for planned parenthood. >>guest: i had one person talk about the abortion iss
. >>chris: senator udall we will get to romney's plan in a moment, but, first, obama's plan, this week on the campaign trail, he was brandishing and we can see it here, the glossy brochure that he said is his agenda for the next four years but it states goals like create a million manufacturing jobs by 2016 and cut net oil imports by 2020 but these are recycled targets from four years ago that he was unable to achieve the first term. >>guest: we have made a lot of progress to reaching the goals and if you look at what the president's accomplished we are moving forward. my concern and what i hear from those in colorado is that a president romney would go back to the policies of the bush administration which were to cut taxes, cut regulations and run under the debt. that isn't going to work. president obama is making the case over this last nine days about what he would do if he is handed a second term and he would builds on the successes of the last four years. we trapped the president into an airplane that was headed to the ground at mach speed and he has righted, now, the airplane. we
, here we are just a few days away from the presidential leelection. what would a romney presidency mean versus an obama re-election? >> we have to start by saying that it's so close that uncertainty is killing everybody. gee, what happens if we don't know the next morning? it's going to mean probably neither candidate has a mandate, so we are going to need more compromise and have more lagger heads and more polarization. >> we haven't seen these two sides get together. they are unable to get together. we've got the fiscal cliff looming, so why would it be better in the next four years in terms of getting things done? >> the optimist says okay, if it's mitt romney, he was a republican governor and figured out thousand get it done. if president obama is elected. he's got to worry about his legacy and maybe do some things and say let's not just look at each other with nasty faces. >> who's right? >> that switch, if you go back sir months ago was just the opposite. businesses were doing okay. consume er struggling. 2% real gdp, we just got that at the end of the week on top of 2.4 in 2010.
of the campaign, don, is where are these candidates headed next? we know mitt romney is in ohio tomorrow morning and goes to wisconsin after that, but then it is sort of a guessing game. a senior romney adviser was asked by reporters earlier today, what are you doing in terms of watching this storm? they said, that's basically what they are doing, assessing where they are going next based on this campaign schedule that's been thrown up in the air. don, what is also interesting is the optics of the final days of this campaign. will the president get out there to survey storm damage instead of campaigning? at the same time, what will the weather do to early voting. that's something we are looking at in the final days. obviously, the obama campaign has expressed concern about that. we saw david axelrod on cnn say to the union earlier today that may have an effect on their campaign. so, don, we'll be watching all of this heading into the final days. it is one of those situations, 2008 was a wave year for the democrats, 2010 was a wave year for the republicans, the wave this year is from hurricane sa
of the presidential candidates, plus the bates from key house and senate candidates. next, paul ryan speaks in ohio. then vice-president joe biden. then ann romney campaigned for her husband in florida. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan is making a number of stops in ohio. here, he speaks to supporters in zanesville. this is about 30 minutes. we begin with remarks by ohio governor john k. asek. [applause] >> how you doing out here, huh? we are more excited. paul ryan is here, the next vice president of the united states. my wife and my children are here. would you give them all round of applause? they have to put up with all of this. you know the situation. we are doing better. i hope you agree we are doing better. and we went from a loss of 400,000 jobs and we are up 112,000 now. we went from $8 billion in the hole to a balanced budget. not bad, huh? we are now the number four job creator in the united states and number 1 in the midwest. why? because of all of you. but the problem we have -- every day i think about these numbers and these headwinds that keep pushing us back. and the
its campaigning, paul ryan and mitt romney to ohio over the next couple of days, but there too, they might find themselves in the middle of a whole lot of snow, while that's expected there, while the east coast deals with a lot of wind, rain -- momentarily, maybe about six minutes or so away, we understand the new york mayor of michael bloomberg is expected to have a press conference about the preparations that are under way there. >> let's go to josh levs. >> as we talk about so many moves parts. we're also going to be hearing from the governors of massachusetts and pennsylvania and we'll be bringing you the information that's coming in. everyone you're seeing is in engaged in the process of making calls, reaching out, finding out everything you need to know about what's happening with this storm. i will tell you when i was on with you earlier this hour, we were talking about flight cancellations. we have just gotten another piece of information on that, we are hearing that united airlines has now cancelled about 3,700 flights. we'll keep updating that for you as the time goes
for the call. this is from ronald. next is brett from louisiana. caller: i think mayor romney and his campaign think they have to have a blow out to really be able to govern. i think if it will be close, it will only be closed for obama. one comment about the 47%. i do not know about the rest of the country, down here there are usually two or three generations of people in houses on welfare and government assistance. how are you going to help those people when the democrats keep helping them stay where they are at? host: 2 like for the call. a quick trip 2016. looking at the economy and trade with china. not long ago the u.s. had a global economy all to itself. it was the dominant producer of consumer goods. the romney campaign focusing heavily as it has on jobs and the economy, issue in this new add a few days ago. [video clip] >> let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama could not. first, my energy independence policy means more than 3 million new jobs. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates 7 million more. expanding
bridges to work with other people and come together to find ways to make america work better. >> romney heads to ohio tomorrow in a change of plans because of hurricane sandy. president obama also canceled campaign events next week in northern virginia and colorado to moniter the storm, but not before stopping in new hampshire, where he criticized romney's economic plan. >> hes has been running around saying he has a 5-point plan for the economy. turns out that's 1-point plan. folks at the very top play by a different set of rules than you do did. >> after the event the president made an unexpected shop at the common man tavern in nearby merrimack and chatted with diners and when one woman offered to buy him a drink, he bought a round of brewed ale instead. >>> nightmare in new york city, the possibility motive of the alleged homicide of two kids at the hands of their nanny. >>> a cute, but dangerous cargo and what the man was trying to do with 15 tiger cubs. >>> coming up i will let you know if the warm weather lasts into your sunday and when we'll add rain chances to the long- range
that governor romney wins is a week from tuesday. >> susan? >> senator, another important component next tuesday is obviously the senate and you need four seats to take control, for republicans to take control, and it looked as though things were going in favor of the republicans for a while recall but there are a couple of races where things are not going so well due to some controversial statements that the tea party republican candidates have made and some people are arguing now that this is another instance where the tea party is it dragging down the republicans' efforts to take over the senate. we have todd aiken in missouri, recently who made some statements that were controversial and richard murdoch just now in indiana. both of those seats, were looking more in favor of republicans and now less so. can you talk about that and whether you think the tea party has struggled to get republicans elected moving forward and are they a drag on the ticket as some people are saying? >> you know, those who think the tea party is a drag on the ticket really aren't paying attention at all. if you look
romney and they took that off their website. make about what you will. host: our next call comes from edwin in n.c., on our line for republicans. caller: i am glad to see you on the air but my thing in this election has been more nuclear polarized and i voted for barack obama the first time but he will not get my vote the second time. he does not have a plan for this country. if we continue to go in the direction we are going, things will not be corrected. rather than attacking the person, he waits until almost the last 10 days to insult our intelligence to have a booklet of all of his plants which are just a rehash plans of the last four years. i was proud to go to the voting booth early. we had a -- even today, we still have a large turnout of early voters in newburn and i am glad to see a lot of people i have spoken to who were in my shoes last time that voted for barack obama and have changed their mind. host: robb christensen, go ahead. guest: he is giving his opinion but we have had a tremendous turnout of early voting in north carolina. in 2008, 51% of the electorate voted befo
this ticket is we have mitt romney with great experience and we have a young, energetic next vice president of the united states who is so intellectually smart, understands the families. he comes from blue-collar areas from wisconsin where he gets the working people in this country, which is so important. and he gives such a burst of energy. and his appeal to the young people of this country is overwhelming. i am so proud to know him and to be his pal and to watch what he has done in his lifetime. he is just getting started. he is getting started in the process of healing america and building a much stronger america. that is what we hope for, that the next generation will do better than this generation. the same way what we got from our parents we want to give to our children. without any further ado, a great zanesville welcome to the next vice-president of the united states -- paul ryan. and his wife. [cheers and applause] [rock music playing] ♪ >> hey, everybody, how are you doing, zanesville? [applause] good to see you. let me introduce you to my family. try to give them a microphone.
and the president. >> i think that for me it comes down a lot to what we're looking for in a president for the next four years. basically somebody who we think can accomplish something. really get some things done, and i think that mitt romney at the beginning was really trying to get across that message that that's what he was going to do. he was going to be the one that came in. he is going to accomplish more than barack obama will, but his problem was is what he was attempting to accomplish. he didn't really sit well with a lot of voters. he was more on the far right, and a lot of us didn't really feel comfortable with that. his recent shift to the center, i think, has healed some of those wuntsdz, but it's also a little more bittersweet because, you know, there were certain times well i thought if romney would just shift to the center, i would be behind him, but it's pretty tough to back track on some of the things that he said, so i think for that reason, you know, there are certain things that i wish barack obama would do better, but there are certain things that i hope mitt romney doesn't do
into that next week where i a document i want to produce. >>> the obama romney exchange on syria. >> what we have done is organize the international community. saying assad has to go and we are helping the opposition organize it. but ultimately syrians are going to have to determine their own future. >> i don't want to have our military involved in syria and our objectives are to replace assad and have in place a new government which is friendly to us and i want to make sure they get armed and they have arms necessary to defend themselves but also to remove assad. >> question. the candidates agreed assad must go. is seeing assad go the best outcome in syria? mort? >> yeah, without question. but he is not going to leave gently, going gently into the night. it is very easy to say we are going to leave it up to the syrian people but the syrian military and syrian forces after saddam have all the he weapons. it is a completely unbalance ad approach and therefore an ineffective way of policy of trying to get him out. we are going to have to find other ways to pressure assad and pressure his supporters
dominoes, the obama campaign and romney campaign had to essential i put the next three days of campaigning on hold because of sandy. and there are ram am ications for that and they recognize in this race to get out the vote in just nine days, losing three or four can be critical. harris. >> harris: excellent point. carl, i want to say sometimes when the things happen at the type of events like a fairground, you get the oak ridge boys to come out. i think that's who was behind you, the music is sounding great. you've been telling us a little about how the storm, the superstorm is affecting the presidential race and laying this out. we talk about the texture of things kind of changing in at that schedule. any more details we can share? >> well, you've got to recognize that the storm is going to hit the atlanta sea cost and that will affect new hampshire, a battle ground state and virginia, a battle ground state and north carolina, is now leading fairly safely into the romney column and florida, a battle ground state. and all of these could be affected and with the government closing in washi
on to the next challenge. >> narrator: but if he wanted to run for president, romney knew he'd need what the political pros called "a legacy issue." and as it turned out, the massachusetts democrats were wrestling with one he found appealing: health care. >> he says his ticket to national office is going to be health care. he decided to try and take ownership of that issue from the democrats. >> narrator: romney employed the familiar bain method. he called together a smart team to crunch the numbers. >> i'm a professor of economics at mit, and i helped governor romney develop the massachusetts health care reform, or romneycare. >> narrator: jonathan gruber sat with romney and carefully outlined the problem. >> romney was in management consultant mode. like, "here is a problem." sort of engineering almost mode. >> narrator: romney heard the bad news. >> the state of massachusetts, which he is governor of, is bleeding red ink because people don't have health insurance and they are driving up costs for everyone else, and taxpayers are paying for it. >> narrator: the uninsured were bankrupti
the next couple of weeks? romney is going to be dogged with protesters? >> it's already happening actually. he's been heckled today there is a terrible, the water in the cnn commentator named eric erickson who started a blog we are the 53% and this shows you how long the 47% formulation has been around. right after occupying he started this blog to show we are the 57% that pay taxes and take care of you 47%. so this has really crystallized in a new way this contempt for half of the country. >> we were both in tampa at the convention and then in charlotte, those conventions and the party couldn't have been more different. the one as monolithic white, the delegation is probably 97% white. >> it was, literally. some of the convention looks like america as a wide range of people in all races and types of people. how does the republican party if they are only making a token effort are the dooming themselves as the country becomes more ethnically diverse to being a permanent minority? >> they are on the course of demographic extinction. it won't happen right away. i think this year they are bett
polarized, and the bit challenge for the next president will be to find a way to bring people together to make decisions. >> well, for mitt romney, it's obama care, providing 12 million jobs, a lot of things that he has promised on day one. but i think day one will come and go the first 100 days that everyone is looking at whenever the next president steps into office. whether it's a second term for president obama or first term for president mitt romney. with president obama, i think what goes forward is the fact that now that this would be a settled eight-year deal, that congress -- things in congress would most likely free up. that this wouldn't be about people people on the right trying to make this a one-term presidency. >> i think health care probably has the biggest impact on the economy. and it affects every family. so i would like to see president obama go right back to health care. and to strengthen what we've got so far. and you will always have intensified effort to create jobs in america. that's -- no matter who wins the election that will have to be the focus, but i think
not suggest that he would lead in the direction the nation must go in the next four years. how much does this hurt? >> they endorsed romney in the primary. it was surprising to read that editorial. it wasn't based in reality. it said that romney would reach the aisle, but it would be the exact opposite. over the course of running for president over this last six years, he's never once stood up to the far extreme right wing. just this past week, we saw it, where he wouldn't take down his ad for richard mourdock. he's not willing to stand up when it matters. the fact that he's going to bring people together is just nonsense. in terms of newspaper endorsements we feel pretty good where we are. this morning, brings the miami herald, the pittsburgh postgazette, the "new york times." the toledo blade. youngstown vind kay or the. i feel good. there is movement out there with people wanting a second term of an obama presidency. we feel good where we are. >>> finally the impact of hurricane sandy. president obama has canceled trips to virginia and ohio. how much has the hurricane hindered your ef
the debate. after the debate, we are about dead even and it's moving our way. >> reporter: the first romney/ryan event starts in a couple of hours today. >> shannon: thank you very much. keep it here. in the next hour, i will ask the virginia republican governor, how canceling three campaign evens in his state could affect romney's chances there. we have been seeing a lot of political ads on tv, but if you live in a swing state, you may be overwhelmed and sick of them. we want to know, if you live in a swingswing state, are you tired of the ads, phone calls and polling, if not, do you feel like you recall being ignored? hurricane sandy, the super storm is pounding the east coast. peter doocy is live in reboboth beach, delaware. hello. >> reporter: hi, shannon, the ocean is very, very angry here in delaware, even the though the storm is a few hundred miles away. after the break, i will tell you what the folks here are doing to get ready. managing my diabetes is part of my life, between taking insulin and testing mylood sugar... is this part of your life? freestyle lite test strips? why, are
on the impact of the storm, also canceled. but you see the emphasis of where he wants to be over the next 72 hours. florida, ohio and wisconsin. he wanted to be in virginia, he wanted to be in colorado. now take a look at governor romney's schedule, david. when you look it's ohio today. it was supposed to be virginia today. but he moved all of those events to ohio because of the storm. and then look where he is spending his monday -- it's the midwest. and david, that's where they feel like they have to pick offer a couple of states, no the just ohio, ohio plus something else. >> it's interesting, as i talked to the romney campaign at the etched of the week, they were emphasizing the momentum argument. they feel the debates gave him a second look in such a way that he can carry that through election day. the obama folks say look at the electoral math. we could be in for quite a finish here, if they're both right. >> they could be both right. we've talked about the popular vote thing. we've seen polling out today. if you look at the president's lead, for instance, on the west coast in californ
because he'll take us back to what started this. you'll have governor romney saying he hasn't done enough. the exact same argument they started with. is that the closing strategy? >> we may be getting to the uplifting, violin-swelling closing arguments in the next few days, but they haven't happened yet. at the moment, look for -- romney has a yacht and in a limousine -- no words associateded but you see the pictures. they generally try to close on something more deep than that, but we're not there yet which tells you how much further we have to go. >> the only days where obama had the beyond error margin of lead was during the sort of -- the republican primaries where there was a lot of yahoos were running for republican nomination. then also what romney consolidated quickly after the primary. then also the month and a half from august to september. otherwise the rest of the year, the race has been tied well it's against romney or whether obama of put up against generic republicans. i think not much has changed in the last of the year. >> we know that consumer confisdens at historic -- c
. where does mitt romney? whichever way the wind blows. chris: and when we come back we've got a perfect storm coming ashore. that could affect things. and we have the big jobs number coming next friday. if it's bad, could it tip the election? plus scoops and predictions right from the notebooks of these top chris: welcome back. this friday, we're going to get last unemployment report before the election. will it continue the promising trend we saw last month when the rate droppedown to 7.8%? the lowest since president obama took office. voters, optimism, favor barack obama, in the last nbc "wall street journal" national poll. voters who expect the economy to improve in the next 12 months are for president obama. by huge 40-point margin. kelly, i don't know whether it's chicken or egg but people who like obama like the future. >> the unemployment rate is expected to hold stead yes but don't be surprised it ticks up. a big move down the previous month and it has been erat he can but one thing we have consistently seen it comes to jump in one direction and backtrack. whether up or down. if
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